Tweak Your Marketing Leaks

There’s no shortage of marketing ideas

But which ones are the right thing to do right now, and which will make the most difference to your business in the future?

Watertight marketing touchpoint leaks

Do, delay or ditch?

The Touchpoint LeakTM Traffic Light report is a marketing MOT that takes you through the 13 Touchpoint Leaks to show you exactly where in your marketing set-up you need to prioritise your efforts for long-term profit. Devised by Watertight Marketing and proven with thousands of businesses. Tweak your marketing leaks for more sustainable sales!

Ideal for CEOs or MDs, business leaders, those responsible for sales and marketing or ambitious rising stars, this video-guided diagnostic and follow-up power hour will help you make the most of every penny in your budget and attract more of the clients you love.

This is for you if…

  • You are already doing some marketing but it needs more focus
  • You want to kick-start your marketing plan with the support of an expert
  • You want some ideas to action now plus a road map for plugging leaks over the next 6 months

How do I tweak my marketing leaks?

For each Touchpoint Leak, you’ll watch three detailed videos* using the Tweak Themes from the second edition of Watertight Marketing to enable you to assess your own marketing performance in each area. 

Your answers can then be used to categorise your marketing leaks as Red, Amber or Green according to how close they come to our definition of Watertight. This shows you where you have marketing gaps in your sales process through which profitable customer may well be leaking.

*You’ll need around 90 minutes for the videos and to do your assessment. 

What will I get?

  • Your assessment worksheet
  • Three theme videos per leak
  • Detailed rating question for each
  • Guided sequencing to create your Do, Delay, Ditch list
  • How to identify your top three focus areas
  • Your video-guided self-assessment
  • 60 minutes follow-up session – at least one idea for each of your top three priority leaks that you can action

Are you interested in tweaking your marketing leaks?

Get your Practitioner-Guided Touchpoint Leak Traffic Light Report now for just £97!

The Methodology: A new way of thinking about marketing.

The challenge when improving marketing is to know where to act in what order. What are the right things to do right now, and which will make the most difference to your business in the future? Find your leaks with this simple assessment!

Get the right marketing tasks done each month. Sequence, select and celebrate delivering marketing activities that actually work for your business month after month.