£99 Think Forensics Packages!

We understand that every business wants to make the most out of its marketing budget, that’s why we have created these trial packages!

For just £99 Think Forensics will measure your Social Media Metrics across two platforms for one month, and present them to you in a clear and readable way. Your report will include a variety of valuable information, such as your best performing posts why, your social reach, how much engagement each post is getting, and the number of people who were redirected to your website from your posts. There will also be valuable recommendations and proven solution included, allowing you to improve your marketing for the following month!

For just £99 Think Forensics will create six dashboards breaking down your business Google Analytics, displaying a variety of vital information about your online customers.  The dashboards will present exactly who your website visitors are, how they are finding your website and what pages are the most popular. Once these dashboards have been created, we will monitor them for a month, and provide you with clear, readable reports presenting what we found, and recommend improvements. Providing you with valuable advice, improving traffic to your website in the future, and bringing your audience one step closer to making a purchase!