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'Debbie came on board over 6 months ago to help with the launch of our new product ViserMark. Debbie’s experience and expertise have helped formulate and execute the ViserMark marketing strategy, social media presence, SEO and website design. Debbie was very methodical and organised and we were able to launch our product and see results we couldn’t otherwise achieve. The in-depth marketing reports we receive every month give is very useful metrics and allow us to further adapt and fine-tune our strategy. We will be looking forward to working with Debbie on other business projects on how to scale sales and build a successful marketing strategy. Debbie’s enthusiasm and hard work match her great level of expertise'
Susie Siouti
CCO SmartViser
''Debbie definitely knows her marketing! She has so much knowledge and experience and I just love our marketing conversations. Debbie is always there to listen and understands my challenges when building a small business. Debbie also puts you at ease when marketing issues arise ad hoc and I need some guidance. Sometimes, it is just a suggestion, or a practical idea that is needed and Debbie provides it freely and delivers it in a language I understand. I have learnt much from Debbie and I’m certainly looking forward to being able to increase my marketing knowledge again in the future. Debbie has helped me understand that Marketing isn't just my social media, it's my processes, my contacts with my clients. Debbie helps you understand that bigger picture.'
Jo Marshall
Owner of Sparkling Ginger
"It’s the approach to marketing that Debbie shows and explains to business owners very well. By having the experience and the “know-how” there is always clarity and structure for my clients. By working with Debbie there is always a goal and steps in place to achieve business success. Over the past 18 months, I have seen a proven track record with my clients using marketing more effectively and the results it has delivered. Debbie has helped MG Retail with its on-going development of email communications, increased written content and improved branding. Thank you Debbie!"
Michael Glynn
Business Coach
'Debbie Bouffler has been the key supplier of website analysis for King Edward’s Witley for the past year. She has been a valued member of the extended outsourced team with monthly reports which give valuable insight into our business and assist us in making website changes which can ultimately benefit our overall success in pupil recruitment and retention. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Debbie to future clients.'
N Dimmock
Head of Marketing King Edward's School
'Debbie has been an extremely valuable team member during her time at Anoto. She contributed well beyond her purview with limited resources and support, going the extra mile to make sure that her programs were successful and replicable. She single-handedly drove the implementation of data-centric campaigns and programs that could be tracked, optimized, and replicated where applicable. She has acted as a true partner to Sales, working with them to understand their wants and needs before developing campaigns that met their goals as well as the company’s broader strategic objectives.'
Brayan Rodrigues
SVP Global Marketing Anoto LA, USA
'I had the pleasure of working with Debbie during her role at Anoto as Marketing Manager from May 2014 through August 2016. Debbie created and implemented our successful direct marketing campaigns utilizing both Eloqua with a tie into, and MailChimp to targeted end users and Resellers for our We-Inspire market launch within the United States. I highly recommend Debbie if you are seeking an energetic and results producing marketing executive to strengthen your communication into the market place.'
Jon Schwartz
Vice President Sales America at Anoto
’Debbie helped set up the process to allow me to access social media in a much easier way. Now I just log on and they are all there ready for me to schedule posts in advance. This is a must for small business owners as advertising can be costly. Great work and fantastic customer service. I definitely recommend Think Forensics!!’
Julie Cotterill
Spiritualist Medium