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Over the pandemic consumer needs have changed dramatically, with more time in front of screens and an increase of digitalisation, marketing trends in 2022 are predicted to take an alternative route. With more emphasis on personalisation and targeting, see how else you can optimise your approach for the year ahead!

As a business owner, you always have one too many hats on, or plates spinning. But the key to staying productive in a high-volume workload is organising and prioritising. Through years of trial and error, I finally feel on top of my workload and want to help other business owners tick off their to-do list in the most effective way!

A brand is not only a logo and company colours but how others perceive your business and messaging behind it. It is fundamental to your business and can shape your tone of voice and overall business approach.

Sometimes, as business owners we know we would be better off outsourcing services such as marketing, web development and branding design, but something inside our heads tells us ‘no, we can do it ourselves. We are eager to do tasks individually, which isn’t always the best solution. We are here to tell you how outsourcing will improve your business!

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool for business owners. It allows us to promote our products and services to large amounts of people in a time and cost-effective way. However, posting useful content that gathers the recognition it deserves is sometimes easier said than done. We want to show you the steps to take to ease the process and make a social media plan you can actually stick to! 

We understand that is hard for business owners to spend their time on marketing, but we wanted to let you know the 5 most important reasons to measure your marketing. Giving you that slight boost of motivation as well as encouragement to take the first step on your marketing measurement journey!

I am currently working through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Working Knowledge. After leaving college, I was left with the question – Apprenticeship or University. This was the next step for me, and it was a difficult decision to make. However, knowing I wanted to continue to learn and expand my knowledge within the marketing industry, whilst earning money and experience, an apprenticeship sounded like the better option for me.

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