Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Why choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

First of all, why an apprenticeship?

Hello, my name is Lexy I am 18 and I am currently working through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Working Knowledge. After leaving college, I was left with the question – Apprenticeship or University. This was the next step for me, and it was a difficult decision to make. However, knowing I wanted to continue to learn and expand my knowledge within the marketing industry, whilst earning money and experience, an apprenticeship sounded like the better option for me.

What is Digital Marketing?

‘Digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services via digital technologies.’

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Although that definition describes Digital Marketing well, I believe there is a lot more to it. It covers all the marketing that I have pretty much grown up with, apart from a few physical Argos catalogues at Christmas! It is not only the content we see every day on our phones and laptops but when, how, and to whom it is presented too. Through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and the brilliant methodology of Watertight Marketing, I have learnt marketing is much more psychological than I originally thought. Allowing me to look deeper into both the demographics and psychographics of our buyers and create marketing content that targets them and speaks directly to their needs. 

Why choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship? 

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

I am six months through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, and it has honestly exceeded all my expectations. I feel I have learnt so much in such a short time, including a marketing methodology that breaks down marketing in a way that generates long terms sales, and how to apply it. There is a huge amount of material available that has helped with every element of marketing, including SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media, WordPress, GDPR and so much more. 

Throughout my time in my apprenticeship, I have applied my learning in a wide range of areas that I had limited knowledge about before starting. These activities have included creating and launching a new website for the business I am working for (Think Forensics), writing a case study, running a successful social media campaign, and producing and implementing a marketing plan that we can maintain within the business. As well as partaking in a variety of marketing efforts, I also feel I have achieved a lot personally within skills such as communication and confidence. With my knowledge backing up my decisions I now feel well equipped and certain about the decisions I make within the workplace.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship
“Mapping the Watertight Marketing methodology to the digital marketing apprenticeship is about putting the techniques they learn into a strategic context. This means apprentices are productive in their immediate roles, but also positioned to progress in their careers.” 
Bryony – Founder of Watertight Marketing

To add to this, the amount of support that has been around me throughout this experience has been great. With my manager understanding that I am learning on the job, and supporting me in elements that I have limited knowledge in. The monthly one to one call with my tutor, in which we break down my work and progress allowing me to see exactly what needs to be improved and how I can achieve it. And finally, the masterclasses where the cohort get together and learn about the Watertight Marketing Methodology and how to apply it, a zoom call that I can actually look forward to! 

Overall, I can only thank Working Knowledge, for providing an apprenticeship that has equipped me with the resources and knowledge that I can apply within my role. Also, Watertight Marketing for helping me to turn knowledge into practical know-how, which has had such a positive impact on the marketing I’ve put in place. The support I received from my apprenticeship has eased me into the working environment and made the whole experience of getting my first job within a brand-new industry much less daunting and overwhelming.

Comment from Think Forensics founder – Debbie Bouffler

By understanding the basics of marketing, my apprentice, Lexy, has established focus and clarity within my business. My website has been updated to reflect this, small trial packages are available, a case study has been completed to prove how we can make a difference. Also, we have now formed a baseline marketing plan that is executed on a regular basis, using the right tools at the right time.

It is satisfying to see my apprentice having a flexible but structured training programme, that combines work with study to gain skills and knowledge as a digital marketer. Also, I’m pleased to offer a starting point for a career in marketing as it offers various opportunities to learn about digital marketing as well as aspects of running a business.

I find it rewarding that I can help a young person to start building a skillset, to help them acquire knowledge and ultimately gain certifications in marketing to support their career progression. I’m extremely pleased with the progress Lexy has made, and look forward to seeing her develop further as a digital marketeer.

Thank you Working Knowledge and Watertight Marketing!