How a Marketing Consultant Can Help You…

Sometimes, as business owners we know we would be better off outsourcing services such as marketing, web development and branding design, but something inside our heads tells us ‘no, we can do it ourselves.’ Determination is a great trait that encouraged us to create our businesses, but also means we are eager to do tasks individually, which isn’t always the best solution.

I started Think Forensics in 2014 and despite thinking I could create and run my business solo, I quickly released that was unrealistic. I was keen to create my website, but after purchasing my business name and domain it suddenly hit me – I didn’t have the time or knowledge to create a website from scratch! That’s when I knew outsourcing a web developer would be critical for my business, and despite my reluctant first thoughts, it was one of my best business investments.

So why is marketing different?

The short answer is… it isn’t any different! However, we understand that marketing doesn’t always feel like a priority within a business as producing products and providing a service is most important. We know the feeling! But marketing acts as a foundation to a business and gathers the leads and customers needed for it to run, which makes it very significant. If you don’t have a solid foundation in place the rest of the business structure is not secure, and as a business owner inconsistent sales and workflows are something we’d all like to avoid. After all, having a product or service in place doesn’t bring in the revenue, it’s how you sell your product that does.

How can a marketing consultant benefit your business?

The first thing outsourcing marketing can do is help to identify business goals, giving you clear KPI’s and targets to work towards. These goals can then be added to a marketing plan, which is something that can benefit a business massively! How? Correlating business aims with effective marketing efforts results in better lead generation, higher ROI, business engagement and ultimately improved profit margins. This is due to more considered campaigns, with clear CTA’s and tailored solutions, based on years of experience and business analysis.

Outsourcing a marketing consultant should eliminate marketing guesswork. It ensures all promotions have a desired outcome and suggested next steps that direct a customer one step closer to a sale. This also allows you to spend time on tasks you enjoy and should prioritise within your businesses. Something difficult to do as a business owner who often takes on too many job roles.

‘you’re likely so busy working ‘in’ your businesses in a reactive state then you never get the time to work ‘on your business’ – Sabri Suby

How can a marketing consultant support my business?

A marketing consultant is meant to have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a helping hand in marketing. I like to think of myself as a marketing mentor, I identify your marketing needs and help to fix them with proven tools and techniques. A marketing consultant can help organise a business’s approach to marketing, providing better clarity within a workplace and a higher quality of work.

Sometimes all you need is for someone to find the issues and offer the support and approach to solve them. Helping you to implement marketing tasks by providing the necessary next steps to take – that’s exactly what an outsourced marketing consultant should provide. 

Do I need a marketing consultant?

If you are currently feeling overwhelmed by marketing, and do not have a clear plan in place, a marketing consultant could benefit your business massively. It’s time to coordinate marketing with business targets to reach your desired outcomes. While also reducing the frustration felt by ineffective and chaotic marketing. We want to provide your business with the marketing approach it needs to thrive.

Whether your business needs a full marketing revamp, or a couple of hours a month, Think Forensics is here to help. We offer a free marketing audit to help pinpoint exactly where your business could improve, and find the best solution for you. Book in your free marketing consultation and start to discover your marketing potential.