Customer Success Story – Chalk and Cheese

Why is Data Vital to Measuring Marketing Success?

Chalk and Cheese Box

Who are Chalk and Cheese?

Based in Oakley, Hampshire, Chalk and Cheese has enjoyed more than a decade in the premium personalised gift industry. Each one of its candles and wax melts are designed and hand-made by owner Michelle, who uses 100% soy wax and premium fragrance oils to create her beautiful artisan tealights and melts.

Michelle is the perfect example of the type of business owner we aim to assist at Think Forensics. Michelle is passionate about her business and exceptional at what she does – so why let the stress of social media marketing ruin this?

Marketing Metrics – Why They Matter?

Social media marketing is all about collating the data that truly matters – analytics, metrics, measurements, and numbers. If you do not like data, you may be struggling to see its value. As you know, with data available on social media channels and from the website, it’s overwhelming. It takes time to digest and what does it all means?

We have been working with Chalk and Cheese for a few months now. Michelle feels relieved that she does not have to attempt to “dive into the depths of data”. She openly admits is not for her!

Having online visibility activities is essential for Chalk and Cheese. The trick is to commit to a mix of marketing activities, as only one will not solve your challenge. Be regular and consistent and keep going, it takes time.

Chalk and Cheese Owner

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media offers the ideal platform to update and inform customers and is something that Michelle has invested both time and money in. Michelle acknowledges it is difficult to find the time to review Chalk and Cheese’s social media performance. She struggles to analyse whether it is working to determine what to refine or change for future posts.

Our services have brought Michelle both reassurance and clarity by delivering useful insights. For smaller businesses, like Chalk and Cheese, that want to take advantage of result-driven marketing, we are there to assist.

Michelle uses our Social Media Metrics and Website Analytics services to gain valuable insights. It is this understanding of what is going on behind the scenes that now helps. Being able to make better-informed decisions about marketing activities is vital.

Having access to the right marketing metrics means Michelle is getting useful, relevant information. Chalk and Cheese, is progressing towards its goals. Keeping on track in terms of sales performance and increasing brand awareness. 

Think Forensics Services

We investigate social media insights and website metrics. This ensures that Chalk and Cheese’s marketing efforts and budget are not being wasted. 

Chalk and Cheese Candle

Having collated all the marketing measurements, we generate a snapshot. This displays the weekly social media performance. We collate this valuable information into a monthly report, which identifies various highlights, such as the best performing post. As with all our monthly reports, we offer advice and recommendations.

This allows Michelle to tailor the forthcoming social media schedule based upon marketing measurements. In addition, Michelle can also create engaging, relevant social media content for her customers, encouraging them to move one step closer to purchasing a delightfully scented candle or wax melt.  

“My monthly Zoom meetings with Think Forensics are the ideal opportunity for us to discuss my custom reports in-depth. This helps me to develop a better understanding of my business’ performance.”

How We Have Helped!

In the past few months, there has been a more measured approach to the social media platforms used by Chalk and Cheese. We have identified the best performing and the most engaging posts, boosting social media performance. The significance of the website metrics was equally important, as many more visitors were attracted.

“My time is precious. It’s useful for me to know which of my marketing channels are working best. I see my business goals at a glance.”

Chalk and Cheese Wax Melts

We discover the pages that website visitors are most interested in through our Website Analytics service. Michelle has been able to see exactly what her customers are looking for and when. By understanding her customers’ searching habits, Michelle can now make appropriate business decisions. For example, what products to put on sale or promote.

By getting to grips with the marketing measurements and monthly analytics, Michelle can stay one step ahead of her customers. This provides them with what they want when they want it.

More Exciting Things to Come…

Michelle is able to make effective marketing decisions, after gaining greater marketing awareness. With greater clarity and focus, comes more confidence. This awareness and understanding dictate where Michelle should spend her marketing budget. Michelle has been able to step back into the job she loves – stress-free of data!  

We love measuring the marketing results for Chalk and Cheese. By working closely with Michelle, we are looking forward to discovering more about her customers. By generating monthly analytic reports, proving our recommendations, our marketing solutions work. We will continue to help to improve the marketing efforts to boost business performance. 

Chalk and Cheese, you have truly discovered your marketing potential!

Learn more about Chalk and Cheese or see the amazing range of premium scented candles and wax melts, please visit Michelle’s website.