Social Media Marketing Metrics...

Does your Social Media Marketing lead people to buy your products? 

Think Forensics understands the importance of a strong Social Media presence, especially nowadays. So, it’s important that you know your marketing is interacting with the correct audience and encouraging people to buy your product. Our Social Media Marketing Metrics service gives valuable insight into your social following, allowing you to create effective cost-efficient marketing.

What Does This Service Offer?

For just £125 a month Think Forensics will measure your Social Media Metrics on up to four platforms and present them to you in a clear and readable way. Your Monthly report will include a variety of valuable information, including how many people are seeing your posts and how much engagement each post is getting. As well as the number of people redirected to your website from your posts and recommendations for the future.

The report will also include a weekly post summary, giving you an idea of how much interaction your Social Media receives week by week. 

In addition to a written report, you will receive an hour call with Think Forensic Founder and Chartered Marketer – Debbie Bouffler. In which, the report and recommendations will be spoken about and broken down into more detail.


Why Should I Choose This Service?

Think Forensics understands that every company has a marketing budget. We want each company to invest their money in the most beneficial marketing channels. Selecting this service allows you to see what platforms have the biggest audience and the most interactive followers. This makes it easier to choose where to invest in the future. 


Overall, this service is a great way to see how effective your Social Media Marketing truly is. This service will offer you valuable information that you can use time and time again. To ensure you are making concise marketing decisions that will gather more attention, bringing them one step closer to buying your product.

If you have any enquiries about this service or what service is the best for your business, email us HERE  or book your free 30-minute call with Think Forensics founder, Debbie Bouffler.