Website Marketing Metrics...

Are you wasting money on marketing? 

Think Forensics believes that to invest effectively in marketing you need to know exactly where your audience is. To do this you need to measure the metrics.

The Think Forensics Website Marketing Metrics Service gives you an insight into who is viewing your website, and how they got there. Enabling you to see exactly what channels your audience uses, which allows you to make sensible and effective marketing decisions.

What Does This Service Offer?

For £125 a month Think Forensics will create a clear report that breaks down how many people have visited your website and where your traffic is coming from. This allows you to see where your audience is and how interactive they are.

Our report will also tell you what pages they were looking at on your site as well as how long they were there. This information shows exactly how people are getting to your website, how they are using your website, and what page is most popular from your site. Understanding this allows you to invest more time and money into the right areas of your website, and the channels your visitors are coming from.

As well as a clear report showing all the facts and figures, with this service, you will also receive an hour call with Think Forensics Founder and Chartered Marketeer – Debbie Bouffler. Within this call, details regarding your google analytics report and recommendations will be broken down further, and any questions can be answers. 

Why Should I Choose This Package? 

Understanding this information means you can act accordingly, by creating content you know your audience will engage with, what users to target with your marketing, and most importantly where to spend your marketing budget. 

Overall, our Website Marketing Metrics Service is a great way to understand your customer base, where they are, and how to engage with them. With this information you can make concise marketing decisions that will direct more people to your website, bringing them one step closer to buying your product.

If you have any enquiries about this service or what service is the best for your business, email us HERE  or book your free 30-minute call with Think Forensics founder, Debbie Bouffler.