5 Reasons why to measure your marketing…

Here at Think Forensics, we have built a business on the importance of measuring marketing. However, despite our love for the metrics, we do understand how draining it sounds to busy business owners who struggle to find the time to do marketing, let alone measure it!

Why to measure your marketing

We want to provide you with a helping hand and let you know of the 5 most important reasons to measure your marketing. Giving you that slight boost of motivation as well as encouragement to take the first step on your marketing measurement journey!

1) Optimisation of time and resources

Why to measure your marketing

The most valuable asset for any business owner is their time, and therefore we appreciate that for anything to be done it needs to be constructive. Measuring your marketing allows you to see how your time, money and resources spent on marketing activities are benefitting your business. Yes, you can look at how many likes and comments your posts are receiving. But is this really increasing the number of enquiries or sales?

Looking at a more in-depth analysis of your marketing can help you see how many people took the next step on their buyer’s journey after seeing your content. Measuring your marketing allows you to make the necessary changes to optimise its performance, therefore making your valuable time worth it. 

2) Allocation of budget

Why to measure your marketing

To add to this, measuring your marketing means learning what marketing engages your audience, what could be investigated further and what to avoid. Just because a Facebook ad can run from as little as 0.50p, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Knowing where to find your audience and what content is effective, helps you to plan exactly what platforms to invest in and how much to budget for. 

3) Marketing Clarity

Why to measure your marketing

This truly is the main reason we are so enthusiastic about marketing measurement –   improved clarity. Gaining insight into how your marketing is performing allows you to plan and act accordingly, giving you control in the hectic world of digital marketing. Analysing your marketing performance can help you create content that you know your audience will respond to, boosting your marketing and increasing awareness. Creating targeted marketing that connects with your audience, increases interest, and encourages people onto the most difficult step of the path to purchase…the start. 

4) Data-driven decisions

Why to measure your marketing

Furthermore, measuring your marketing can also help you make smarter data-driven business decisions. Analysing the facts and figures around your marketing can not only help you plan for budgeting but also stock control, resources, and future products. Understanding what products and services perform well throughout your marketing can help identify your audiences wants and needs.

For example, if your marketing is attracting a lot of people but they leave shortly after arriving at your landing page, you know the initial marketing is working. However, the product offering may need to change to urge your audience to take the next step towards a purchase.   

Top Tip – The best place to start measuring your marketing performance is Google Analytics. It gives you the opportunity to see how many people have visited your website, what they are interested in, and where they came from. Having this in place allows you to correlate your marketing efforts with your website visitors.

Here is a FREE Guide about how to set up your analytics!

5) Gaining control

Why to measure your marketing

Marketing has grown massively in recent years, with opportunities to promote products and services everywhere. However, measuring your marketing allows you to choose the tools you know will have the greatest impact on your audience. Creating a campaign on the correct platform attracts the right people and increases the likelihood of engagement and revenue. This helps to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and provides greater confidence in your marketing.

We could share with you hundreds of reasons why to measure your marketing, although the ability to learn and develop is the most significant. Replace stress caused by chaotic marketing with clarity and control, to give you time and focus to get back to doing what you love doing most within your business. 

Do you want to gain clarity and control from measuring your marketing but don’t know where to start? We can help you with our useful services! Take a look at our trial packages, offering you a snapshot of your marketing metrics in a cost-friendly way.

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